Do you aspire to live a fuller life than you have experienced so far?

Are you looking for healing, for wholeness, for evolution?

Literally everyone has something in common. What is that one thing? – Our breath!

I am a facilitator of Breathwork to support your journey. I use the name Breath-Taking!

After years of talking therapy, breathwork is helping me to connect with my body’s innate wisdom, where the seat of my healing lies. Maybe it can do this for you.

In Breath-Taking I teach a conscious breath technique which can connect us gently to our bodies, tapping into the library of everything we have ever experienced, stored deep in our body.

The process enables my ‘breathers’ to become fully present to every cell in their body as they become more enlivened by the increased oxygen/ carbon dioxide exchange. This expands their capacity for healing and for growth over a number of sessions.

I can say this because I know the power of this breath technique. Past injuries, physical, emotional, and psychological wounds can all be freed up from where they had become stuck or blocked, freeing our path to our fuller potential and our conscious evolution.

Maybe Breath-Taking! can do this for you too. Could this be your next gift to yourself on your life-journey and path of awakening?

My sessions are one and a half hours in length online.

I combine time for exploring your issues with coaching-style dialogue, based on my trainings in Psychosynthesis and Voice Dialogue.

This is followed by a session of breathwork guided by my voice and accompanied by carefully chosen music. You are in control of your experience at all times

Each session concludes with time for reflection and take-aways that you can apply in your life.

Use my ‘Contact’ form to enquire or make a booking – see below.

My Breathwork training was with Alchemy of Breath

Become  BREATH-INSPIRED!    reduce stress & anxiety, increase energy & wellbeing

This guided process supports us to enter our inner world and open to a range of experiences through an intimate connection with our bodies. It can enhance the healing of emotional wounds and trauma. It can help us connect with an expanded sense of who we are, facing our shadow and opening to the divine.

You may experience mildly altered states of consciousness which you are always in control of, regulating the unfolding of each ‘journey’ at a safe pace. No need for lengthy analysis. Our bodies are a library of everything we have ever experience, so we can let the breath and the body’s own wisdom do the work.

There are some contra-indications for people with significant health issues, so please contact me for advice on this and if necessary speak to your doctor.

Breathwork can release us from limiting beliefs and open us to the highest version of ourselves, bringing more richness and fulfilment into our lives.

This is all done through a proven breathing technique that is easy to learn and follow, with my sensitive support combined with compilations of music that I choose carefully to hold and enhance each breathwork session.

               “As we heal ourselves we heal the world”.

I facilitate breathwork for individuals and groups online in scheduled sessions using the Zoom app.

If this sounds appealing to you and you would like to give it a try for a minimum fee, write to me for further information using the contact form at the bottom of the About page on this site.

For a more in-depth look at Breathwork

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  1. Paul says:

    Hi I’m in the men’s group and I’m interested in joining the next online breath session. I’m also considering doing a breathwork training and wondered if you have any suggestions for that.


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