“I wish that I could show you, when you are lonely in the darkness, the astonishing light of your own being.” ~ Hafiz

The name, Inner Ventures, describes my approach to healing, growth and my spiritual journey through life. It also reflects what drives and inspires my creative work as a craftsman, artist and writer. Some of my writing is featured under articles and poetry, along with words that inspire me from other writers and poets .

When we undertake to explore the world of our psyche or the nature of reality, we venture into an inner world of the conscious and the unconscious. It can be an exciting journey involving discoveries about our true self. It is our soul’s journey.

We are in a time of Evolutionary Consciousness –
This evolution is essentially a move from basing our lives on material values and all that goes with that, to lives that are spiritually led. If we can achieve this transition many of the problems we have as humans together can be resolved, as well as the problems we have created for the non-human world and the planet itself. Only by changing the basis on which we run our lives can we secure a future for the planet’s biosphere and all its inhabitants.

By adopting spiritual values we face the inner work of healing ourselves, we learn to work together co-creatively, to recognise that we are not separate from nature and can evolve new ways to live that are in harmony with the biosphere instead of destructive to it.


My creative writing is one of the ways I explore this for myself, and it is my sincere wish that the messages that come through to you in reading my work, inspire and strengthen your own psycho-spiritual path in service to the more beautiful world that awaits us.

Thanks for visiting this site. Do get in touch if you have any questions , criticisms or appreciations.

Warm wishes

Ardhan Swatridge – Carver of wood & words