Willing to experience …….

I came across this beautiful invocation by John Wellwood and find it speaks to me so clearly, I just had to post it here.

Willing to experience aloneness
I discover connection everywhere.
Turning to face my fear
I meet the warrior who lives within.
Opening to my loss
I gain the embrace of the universe.
Surrendering into emptiness
I find fulfillment without end.

Each condition I flee from pursues me
Each condition I welcome transforms me
And becomes itself transformed
Into its radiant jewel-like essence.
I bow to the one who has made it so.
Who has crafted this Master Game.
To play it is purest delight –
To honour its form, true devotion.

John Wellwood

About Inner Ventures

Evolutionary Counsellor facilitator and guide on a spiritual path. Craftsman in wood, creative writer, environmentalist & change agent. This blog is my way of promoting my skills, ideas, concerns for the planet, creative work, spiritual searches and philosophy of life in a public forum.
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