Moving Beyond Our Addiction to Consumerism

I just watched a powerful documentary film – 2.5 hrs long, but having the luxury of time today, I found it very inspiring.

Its called “Zeitgeist – moving On”. Free to watch.

It started with the issue of our addiction to consumerism/materialism and our slavery to the iniquitous monetary system that exacerbates inequality. It goes on to propose the inevitable collapse of this system, because of its need for relentless expansion and rape of the planet’s finite resources. Then it proposes its replacement with an earth-based resource-based economy that not only overcomes all the evils of our current economies but also promises an amazing quality of life for all.
I left this comment under my link to the film on my Facebook page:

“I was just listening to Gabor Mate and others in a Film For Action, explaining the sources of addiction, emphasizing our cultural addiction to competition, to materialism, to the oil that fuels it, and how the root causes go back to our prenatal and early emotional responses to our carers and our local environment.

Hunter-gatherers don’t destroy the local biosphere on which they depend. They may not have much materially, but they feel attached, accepted, received and loved for who they are. Through this they naturally feel interconnected with their families and with all of nature in highly empathic and cooperative ways.

We, on the other hand, grow to feel isolated, lacking that safe and loving companionship. Trying to overcome that fear of lack, we become competitive, emulating the cultural norms, which include alienation from nature and an overall insensitivity to the destructive effects of our consumerist lifestyle – to which we are unconsciously addicted.

Unravelling this deep conditioning can only come from focusing on developing local community, along with a positive relationship with our local environment. We need to abandon the money system while bringing love and compassion to weave that vital sense of interconnection for restoring what’s been lost over the recent generations of capitalist greed. Greed which we have been brainwashed to buy into as a good thing, even as we watch it destroying our precious planet.

For most of us, this may not be our main concern in life at the meta level, but surely it affects our challenges with money and security at a very personal level, as well as our sense of isolation and separateness, as we see the rich getting richer and the poor paying the price.

I am seething with the need to express some of this today after watching that film and a couple of other shorter ones. I so want to see the world change for the better – and then there is Teresa May, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. Oh my God, its hard to cling onto hope in the face of the people who sell their souls in the name of power, and self-serve by fighting to maintain the old business-as-usual paradigm.

Revolution may be the only solution in the end, but I am putting my faith in ‘evolution’, which is the mature and conscious way forward, to ensure a possible future for all – human and non-human – and a restorative future for the biosphere.

About Inner Ventures

Evolutionary Counsellor facilitator and guide on a spiritual path. Craftsman in wood, creative writer, environmentalist & change agent. This blog is my way of promoting my skills, ideas, concerns for the planet, creative work, spiritual searches and philosophy of life in a public forum.
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