Men’s Rights of Passage

Exposed chests
drip fresh blood
to the earth below.
The mirror smashed;
red dark cave of
grief and despair.

Alone together – in silence,
sweet surrender.
Let this death sink in.
Scars on the inside
release the puss
of ancient wounds unseen.

Transition through
my cut skin,
symbolic yet real,
take my body down,
slowed and released
from its habitual pain.

Stories worn thin
no longer serve;
innocence lost
to abandonment
devoid of love.

We are victims again;
no perpetrator now.
Bitter-sweet grief
of our choosing.
Trust the shared
safe circle of men.

Purging the blocks,
releasing emotions,
rage, fear and hate –
Welcome the death.

Out of oblivion
we begin life anew.

About Inner Ventures

Evolutionary Counsellor facilitator and guide on a spiritual path. Craftsman in wood, creative writer, environmentalist & change agent. This blog is my way of promoting my skills, ideas, concerns for the planet, creative work, spiritual searches and philosophy of life in a public forum.
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