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The Great Taboo: Patriarchy Begins At Home.

Reposted from Womb of Light – by Bethany Webster. There’s a reason why it’s been really hard for us to find solutions to our current global challenges. There’s a reason why feminism, with all its gains, has made only limited … Continue reading

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Sexual Abuse & Trauma relived – the first of a two-part account

I am settling down in bed, adjusting to the dark, relaxing after my day, and dropping into the beginnings of sleep. Suddenly I hear movement around me as 6 or 8 male figures loom over me, surrounding my bed. I … Continue reading

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Caught in the Headlights – Boarding School Wounds

I feel the piercing eyes of the school master boring into me, transfixing me, demanding an answer. Not just any answer I might blurt out from fear, but the right answer, the one and only answer that will allow me … Continue reading

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